Little Company. Big Work.

Milkbox makes memorable, handcrafted films that deliver with agility, resourcefulness and heart.

We love doing everything. From concept, to production, to post.

Our experience in creative development and brand building lets us produce projects that feel fresh and impressive, with voice and emotion.

We leverage state-of-the art camera and lighting technologies to move fast and shoot more, with less crew and a smaller production footprint.

It all started in nursery school.

Actually, we didn’t meet in nursery school, but our kids did – and that’s how it started.

Working together became a way to expand what we do individually. Teaming up let us discover a world of stories we could never have told on our own. Big stories and little. Epic and intimate.

Milk and hard drives.

There’s a mom and pop dairy in our area, and we each have a milk box on our front porch. The box turned out to be the place for us to leave works-in-progress or a piece of gear: a hard drive with the latest edit; the special widget for tomorrow's shoot.

And so Milkbox was born.

Andrew Bordwin

Andrew Bordwin splits his time between fine art, commercial photography and motion work.

As an artist, Bordwin has worked since 1998 as half of the New York-based collaborative Type A. Their work uses a variety of media, including photography, video, drawing and sculpture. The collaborative teaches at Parsons School of Design.

Bordwin works as a commercial photographer for a variety of clients. Selected work is represented by Julie Saul Gallery, New York.

He and his family get three bottles of low-fat milk and one quart of half-and-half every Tuesday.

Edouard Nammour

After graduating with a degree in Studio Art from Oberlin College, Ed worked as an editor and composer for commercials, films, and network promotions.

His music and editorial clients eventually became his writing and producing clients, yielding a couple Emmy Awards along the way.

His focus on storytelling, design, special effects, and photography has produced work in movies and commercials, documentaries and music videos.

He and his family get six bottles of low-fat milk every Friday.