Keeping it simple.

Our process is simple so we can focus on crafting the right story with you.

Development starts with a conversation.

We’ll talk about you, your audience, and how you want them to engage with the content.

If we all agree a collaboration could produce great results, Milkbox will develop a creative proposal for your project, offering budget scenarios that fit your needs.

If our proposal excites you the most and it’s agreed we’ll partner on producing your story, we’ll start shaping the production plan together from there.

Planning-it’s all in the details.

Our experience tells us when resources need to expand-or contract throughout the life of the project. We’ll always have what you need and the project requires. No more. No less. There are no runaway budgets with Milkbox.

Developing a schedule that works for you is just as important as crafting the creative. We’ll work through every detail with you-including Plans B and C-to ensure you are as excited about the process as you are about the story itself.

Bringing your story to life.

A 2-4 minute video takes approximately 8-12 weeks from approved proposal to delivery. Factors like the number of filming days and the creative review process can affect this.

When capturing your story, we leverage the latest camera and lighting technologies to move quickly and shoot more, with fewer crewmembers and a smaller production footprint.

And in post-production, we edit and enhance your story, presenting works-in-progress in two or three stages as we work toward final delivery.